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Thread: Colangelo Says Bosh "Checked Out" (Sun Article Posted On Pg.6/Post #43)

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    Quote Pizzaman wrote: View Post
    Oh I get it now! I'm a racist because I hit a sore spot for you. Did not mean to get personal here but guess what when I made the comment about RuPaul I was not the only guy calling his kid a bastard ( definition). I did not mean anything personal to you or anyone else and that hardly makes me a racist, or especially an inverted racist whatever that is. As for the Italian pasta thing really it has never bothered me, even being called a wop by my friends, however I bet if I talked about food that was special to African Americans in reference to an African American player then you would really have called me a racist. My comments at the time were in a heated moment describing RuPaul as a deadbeat dad which I am but one of the thousands who referred to him as such. Perhaps it is you who are a racist with your continuing shots at Bargnani and other Euros. Perhaps you think no one else can or should play basketball.
    I have played with many guys of all colours and have never ever been accused of racism, so stuuf that up your ass because you are only pissed because of your personal situation which does not make me a racist.

    Meantime I have not moved on from basketball debates,,I simply have a hard time debating with someone who cannot open their eyes to different styles of basketball, someone who makes shit up as they go, and someone who quite franly takes everything about RuPaul way more personally than anyone should who is actually a Raptor fan and watched that loser screw this team, city and his teamates so he could go be LeDouche's and Wade's bitch. ( sorry should I check with you about using that word too?)

    Whatever you say. Try and find the light wherever you can. You don't touch any sore spots with me. I don't care what you and your friends say and if 'Italian' comments weren't an issue to you you wouldn't knock people on the forum for bringing it up or anything about pasta, you would let it be, which you do not. You comment on the same things time after time and after awhile it's good to address it so maybe you can realize how steeped in anger and hate you are.

    I get it, you have one black friend so you know you're not a racist, lol. no worries, keep on believing what you do.

    You rarely have anything ball worthy to discuss because you rarely talk about anything other than Chris Bosh! lol Tell me I'm lying? I'll pull up all of your previous 50 posts and I guarantee you 95% of them invlove him and throw insults. lol I don't care what you say about Bosh, he doesn't play for the Raptors anymore, but when you diss any good player (any player for that matter) and try to make it seem like they suck because you want them to or talk some personal stuff I would comment in the same manner and wonder what the heck you're talking about.

    The reason why I address it as much as I do with you, is you have no facts to back anything up. Stat Padding? What is that?lol I've never heard any player, GM, coach accuse Chris Bosh of stats padding. I can't recall any player being accussed of stats padding other than when Nate Rob tried to get a rebound off his own baccboard.Thats a weak man's excuse to try and demean someone. Ball Hog? The guy took 16 shots per game and shot over 50% dropping 24 a night? Thats ball hogging? When they won their division title the ball was swung side to side cause their talent was better. The team they have had the last few years sucked and you're syaing it's because they are focused on Bosh? Of course they are the rest of the dudes suck, which is why they couldn't do anything without him on the floor. He was hands down their best player, which apparently you did not see, but once again, you are entitiled to your opinions.

    Look, do your thing, comment on whatever you want, I don't need to respond to your comments especially when they rarely deal with anything basketball related. This argument is a waste of time.

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    Quote sleepz wrote: View Post
    Semantics and word play. The original argument was, is there a difference between shot creators and shot facilitators which you said there was not.

    Should we still verify this or have you moved on from your original position?
    Actually, the original argument was that Hedo Turkoglu was not a shot creator (stemming from the real original argument that BC never provided Bosh with a shot creator). I'm pleading my case that Hedo Turkoglu is, in fact, a shot creator, given the points i've outlined before.

    But since you want to focus on the shot facilitator side-argument, I still think they are the same thing. "To facilitate" is to make things easier. By pump-faking, driving to the rim, and dishing it to the open shooter, you just made it easier for him to score because, well, he's open. You also "created" a shot that wasn't there before, thanks to collapsing defenses. I'm not playing with words, I'm calling it as I see it.

    When you create offense, you facilitate offense. I was looking to show you that the things Hedo does (or at least did for the Magic), do in fact involve shot creation, even if he can't break his man off the dribble. Your definition that "shot creator" is a man that can break his defender off the dribble is too restrictive.

    Even Jose Calderon can break his man off the dribble and speed in for the layup, usually landing on the floor on his back in the process. But according to you he is not a shot creator. Go figure.

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