"Coach is coaching us differently now. He's pointing out guys on tape and just holding guys accountable," said Wright. "And you can see other guys getting on guys."
"(Turkoglu) has been very vocal these last couple of days about what he wants from (Andrea) Bargnani and what he wants from (Marco) Belinelli. That's just been helping us a lot. Turks is talking. ... We need him to get those guys on track when we can't connect with 'em," said Wright.
"I've known Chris (Bosh, the Toronto all-star) and I can tell from him how he's feeling, whether I can kick him in the ass and be a little bit of an ass---- to him, or whether I have to pat him on the back and bring him in," Triano said. "The nine new players, I'm starting to learn the personalities of these guys and what it takes. Even with my own children, sometimes you have to deal with them in different ways."
"You learn your lessons," said Triano. "If I give somebody s--- one day and they don't respond for the next month, I've learned a lesson. We'd like to think that everybody's the same and everybody responds to different situations (the same), but that's not the case."
Source: The Star