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Thread: Nuggets Fantasy Trade

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    Default Nuggets Fantasy Trade

    This won't happen, but it's such a good idea I just had to share it.

    WHAT IF we could use Bargnani to acquire Nene and J.R. Smith. Think about it.

    Nene and Leandro Barbosa are Brazilian National Team teammates and childhood friends.
    J.R. and DeMar know each other quite well and I believe worked out together in the offseason.
    Nene and J.R. are already both familiar with Linas Kleiza, a former Nugget himself.

    Most importantly though, take a look at this lineup...
    C - Nene
    PF - Amir Johnson
    SF - Sonny Weems
    SG - DeMar DeRozan
    PG - Jarrett Jack
    Bench - J.R. Smith, Leandro Barbosa, Ed Davis, Linas Kleiza, Solomon Alabi
    (I ignored Calderon, let's just pretend he was traded for cap room...)

    That is, without a doubt, the most athletic team I have ever seen.
    Would they win games? iunno, that's a question for another day... but they'd be unbelievably fun to watch.

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    Nuggets are hurting for bigmen as it is with Birdman and Martin hurtin. Plus they lost Petro to the Nets.
    Can't see Denver going for it. They're giving up more in this deal.

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    Bargnani isnt worth those two players, i could see a more bargnani, calderon, for these two, but even then it wouldnt solve denvers bigman problem and no one wants calderons contract. It would have to be a three team deal where another teams bigman goes to denver, we give bargnani to denver, then denver gives us jr and nene, and we give the third team a young player,(demar, weems, amir) and a pick.

    Nene is looking at his biggest season yet and he is going to get amazing minutes on a great team, why would he want to ditch that for kleiza and barbosa. I think friends are a little less important when it comes to being on a championship team.

    AS for J.R., he is finding consistency and has a great mentor in billups. He is becoming a great player and has even greater potential. If he could take a little more time in offense, he would be a star.

    Its a very good and ambitious idea, if you tweaked it a bit more i could see it being possible.


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