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Thread: Raptors Republic NFL Fantasy Football (Sign Up Thread)

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    Default Raptors Republic NFL Fantasy Football (Sign Up Thread)

    Hi All,

    This is an update on where we stand right now.

    Current list of managers:
    1. Apollo
    2. Doc
    3. Mangokid
    4. MackNorth
    5. A00715890
    6. iggyiggyigoudala
    7. Vacant
    8. Vacant

    Draft Settings:
    - Live
    - Random starting order
    - Sun Aug 22 10:00am EST

    League Cost:
    Free... For this season.

    Some Important Rules:
    1. The league decides the outcome of all trades. I personally will not step in at any time to veto a trade by myself. All trades will be decided by a league vote. If the league passes an unfair trade then the league failed itself. Trust me on this one, it's better this way.
    2. Dead teams won't get invited back to season 2. If you don't show up, you don't come back next year.
    3. Waiver priority is initially determined by the outcome of the random draft order. If you draft last in round one you will have top waiver priority. If you draft first in round one you will be last in waiver priority. Once you successfully use your waiver priority you move to the back of the line. Friendly tip: Some players waiting to be free agents may not be claimed while on waivers. Sometimes it pays to gamble on this and sign him after he clears waivers as opposed to using your waiver priority.

    CLICK HERE to visit the league website (League Members Only)
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