This comes from the FAN590 via ESPN's "Mike and Mike in the Morning" show.

So Mike Greenberg and Mike Golic were on “Mike and Mike in the Morning” on ESPN radio earlier today and they had some interesting (although uninformed) comments about the city of Toronto and whether or not this is still a viable market for the NBA.

While both hosts admitted that they love the city overall - and enjoy visiting - they said they don’t believe that any star wants to come here and that Americans don’t want to live in Canada. I’m paraphrasing, but those are the basic nuts and bolts of their statements.

If, as Mike and Mike suggest, the NBA needs to ask itself if it wants to be in Toronto … perhaps the Raptors attendance figures should be researched. Take a look at where this team is in those rankings year after year. Not only are the Raps in the upper HALF almost every year, they’ve frequently been in the top 10 in attendance rankings since they came into the league 15 years ago. And while many local media outlets (in Toronto and Canada) choose to ignore this fact, the Raptors local television rankings are among the best in the entire league. I saw a report last year that had Toronto’s TV ratings behind only the Lakers and Cavaliers local numbers.
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