Ture, but we were on the verge and went all in with that hand. AND the team attendance was having a rough time because they were a new Franchise. MLSE probably spent $$ to ensure their investment would stay strong. Not like to today. It will sells out no matter what....SO far.

Raps History:

1995- Hello NBA & Stoudamire!
1996- Draft Marcus Camby
1997- Injuries & Isiah Thomas U SUCK! Draft T-Mac
1998- Welcome Grunwald! Shake up this mess. Keep the youth & get Vets Oakley, Kevin Willis, New Tough coach Butch Carter to help youth develop. ROOKIE Carter, Doug Christie & T-Mac's Comming Out Party! The beginning of the end for Alvins knees. Thank-You Alvin!
1999- Bring in Antonio Davis to help in playoffs. Damn! The Knick just won 4 striaght. 1 round exit.
2000- Christie traded for Corliss Williamson Opppsss... then Jerome Williams JYD. Hello Lenny Wilkens & Mark 'The Preacher' Jackson to help Alvins knees. Media LOVES Vince and ignores T-Mac. T-Mac Free Agent to Magic we got NOTHING.


No need to say more. It's all downhill from here.... BUT the return on investment is still great!