This was apparently apart of the opening in his new doc "First Ink" so was recorded during the summer. Not taking into account the early season issues this team had, but still refreshing to read when a player of Bosh's calibre complimenting the city of Toronto.

The opening scene of Chris Bosh's new documentary, "First Ink," shows the hoopster cruising around Toronto, city lights shining off the gleaming hood of his car while a soundtrack blares the same sample over and over: "Rep T-Dot till they bury me."

Sounds like the feel-good movie of the year for Raptors fans nervous about the four-time all-star's impending free agency. And Bosh, for his part, says he has grown to appreciate playing north of the border.

"I just came here (in the summer) and I was like: 'Dang, I'm comfortable here,"' Bosh told The Canadian Press in a recent interview at a posh Toronto hotel.

"Usually, when I was younger, I'd come here and I couldn't wait to go back home (to Texas). I'd go home and sit there and do nothing. Now? It's like, we're going to T.O.! When you going back to Dallas? Pfft, I don't know -- whenever. I just feel comfortable here."
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