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Thread: Thunderground Podcast: Life After A Superstar

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    Default Thunderground Podcast: Life After A Superstar

    The guys from the Thunderground called me up to talk some Raptors ball:

    Anyone else tired of the 24 hour coverage of Dez Bryant not picking up someone’s laundry on local sports radio? Me too, so let’s talk some NBA/Professional basketball. This week we look at “Life after a superstar”, what does a franchise do once they lose their core piece and how does a franchise avoid losing their own all-star players? We talked to ESPN True hoop blogger’s Zarar Siddiqi ( and John Krolik ( to get the scoop. The interview with Zarar was informative and included a ton of Thunder talk, unfortunately the audio on our Cavs interview was very poor so we’ve got a quick recap of what was said in the discussion. In this week’s edition of “What up with that?” we take a look around the NBA and Thunder organization including: Miami jersey’s at an Indians game, Team USA, Bosh dissing Canada, Mike Winger’s signing, and of course KD’s tweets. Subscribe, listen, and comment!
    Episode Breakdown:

    • 00:00-02:40: Introduction
    • 02:41-11:42: What up With That? (MIA Jersey @ CLE, Team USA, Bosh, Winger, and KD’)
    • 11:43-32:52: Zarar Siddiqi Interview (Bosh giving up, appeasing a star, and Thunder envy)
    • 32:53-44:15: John Krolik Interview Recap (State of CLE, MIA VS CLE, Cav’s future)
    • 44:16-45:41: Closing

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    Nice work Arse.

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