Okay. SO I did not see this game. BUT WHAT. WHAT HAPPENED. SOMEONE NEEDS TO EXPLAIN. WHO UNDERSTANDS. THIS DOESn'T MAKE SENSE?! So you're telling me. You're telling me. THE TEAm. THE GREAT CAVS. THE LEBRONS. THE KING'S CROWN POLISHERS OR WHATEVER. YOu'rE SAying. THAT THEY LOst. But I mean, they lost lots last year, sure. But they lost to the JEREMY LIN-less Nets?! WITH QUINCY ACY ON THE BENCH!? (former Rap still in the NBA, but how??)

Anyhow. How did this occur. Does someone know? Anyone? I'm the first to admit I'm no basketball expert BUT WHAT. This just seems so strange. DOes the loss of Kyrie Irving really make this big a difference? WILL ISAIAH THOMAS BE ABLE TO FIX THIS TERRIBLE SHoW ALREADY?! WHERE IS THE EAST GOING????