Thorpe from ESPN has DeMar at #7.

I can't post the entire article because it is an ESPN Insider one, but here is what Thorpe had to say about DeRozan.

7. DeMar DeRozan, Raptors
DeRozan shares some of Holiday's strengths and faults -- he is happy playing a role and rarely forces the issue. This is an important aspect of his upside -- if his skills improve greatly, as they should, will he learn the necessary mindset to better take advantage of those improved skills?

Blessed with excellent athleticism and size, DeRozan easily could become a solid starter in this league without much improvement, playing off his teammates in the way Courtney Lee did last season for Orlando. But if he's driven to succeed and reach his potential, and learns how to become a go-to scorer, suddenly he'll become a top-three guy on his team.
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