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Thread: Wait To Move Calderon?

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    Quote Katman wrote: View Post
    That sort of raises an interesting question...will the new cba and potential lockout impact next year's draft quality. Perhaps this should be a seperate forum topic, but...

    a) Will kids stay in school because of a potential lock out, since they won't get to play or get paid?
    b) Will they come out in droves, because they might be worried about reductions to rookie scale contracts?
    c) No impact at all ... you don't know anything about basketball LOL
    Would be a good new thread with a poll.

    If i think about it I would guess you'll see players thinking about taking an extra year of school, maybe they can get drafted and not signed and play in europe??? anyway very interesting point that we should rap about more
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    I am a big fan of Jack, since I would love for him to become to Toronto what Fisher is to LA. Calderon is a class athlete and teamate, but this team is trying to go in a different direction and to clear up some cap space for 2011, so he will be traded.

    Calderon will stay with the team since, his value is low and I don't think Indiana is that desperate for a point guard. I'd rather have Banks who is playing for a new contract to get Calderon's minutes, but now that looks unlikely.

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