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    Default Jerome Williams Hits The Nail On The Head

    Jerome Williams on the fan 590 - CLICK HERE

    Key Points During The Interview
    • Bowowowowowow!
    • Great experience playing in Toronto. He embraced the city and they embraced him back.
    • Toronto is a hard working city and they expect the same from their sports stars.
    • He came with the mentality that he didn't care where he played, if they were going to pay him that kind of money he was going to do the best job he could. Playing in the NBA you have a social responsibility to the city, organization and ultimately the fans.
    • He has a disconnect with the athlete celebrity part of it because the only reason they're in that position is because people wanted to pay to see them play.
    • The majority of basketball players today have a huge amount of money from contracts and endorsements. Even a lot more than he saw when he was in the league not too long ago.
    • Every major company who endorses via the NBA has it's Canadian base set up in Toronto and so it's a huge opportunity for guys who maybe couldn't land endorsement deals in smaller markets. Most who play in Toronto have a huge endorsement advantage over those in the states because guys in the states are competing against 360+ players where as in Canada you're battling with 15 guys, which isn't a battle because there are far more companies than players. There may be 30 elite sports athletes in Canada to compete with for endorsement deals where as the states has thousands. If you don't know that then you don't understand the professional sports business. Vince Carter had Pepsi, he had Coke. Vince Carter had Nike, he had Rebok.
    • The JYD project gives back to the community and is there to help and inspire kids to excel and do right. It started in Toronto. He's still giving back a lot, showing kids to do the right thing and live the right life. To improve. The JYD project is about building champions and changing lives.
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