Really, I was just thinking. I know most would pick Jack to start at point, with Calderon off the bench. But honestly, I'm against that. Yes, Calderon has a huge crazy contract, yes he is not consistent, yes he is not THAT good. But, Jack? Really? At least Calderon can see the court, and he is a great passer. Jack isn't. Now that we have DeRozan, Weems, Bargnani all as offensive players, they need a guy to pass the ball, see the court. That is what Calderon is great at, giving the ball up. Giving it to the best guy, with the best shot. Jack is "better", but Jack is more of a shooting point, and we don't need that now. We need Bargnani to get the ball, we need DeRozan and Weems to be flying for Alley-Oops, or for free mid-range jumpers. I think, we should not judge the contract, but just put Jack next to Calderon, and see what the needs of this team is, and who would fit in with our new system the best.

Just my opinion.