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    Default Raptors Player Power Rankings

    Now that Bosh is out here is a fun thing we can do that's open for debate from the very top to bottom. The player power rankings for the Raptors. Below would be my list:

    1. Andrea Bargnani: The only player on roster with legit center size and the number one option on offense. Virtually no one is eating into his minutes this season.

    2. DeMar DeRozan: The most likely candidate to be the number two option. He was one of the top LV Summer League players and based on reports he has a vastly improved handle to aid his game this winter. The Raptors are probably going to look to him to create on his own at times and I'm sure he wouldn't want it any other way.

    3. Jarret Jack: The dressing room power appears to be gravitating towards the 2nd year Raptor. Dedicating a large chunk of his off-season to help and support the young guns really was a statement to everyone in Raptorsland. What else made a statement in Raptorland? A botched Jose Calderon deal.

    4. Leandro Barbosa: This guy has game and he fits perfectly into what Colangelo wants from this Raptors squad on offense. He will be first off the bench and will help a lot with keeping the tempo high and preventing offensive lag while #1 and #2 are resting. Look for him to get more burn than he did in Phoenix over the last while. Look for him to get the ball more often as well.

    5. Amir Johnson: He's going to be given lots of opportunities to play but he's his own worst enemy with the fouls and if he can't figure it out there is a guy with more talent named Ed waiting to take his place.

    6. Ed Davis: The Raptors potential home run pick in the 2010 draft. He's going to get lots of minutes off the bench to start the season.

    7. Linas Kleiza: The Raptors' most likely starting SF candidate. He's got heart and here's to hoping he can translate that into a success story.

    8. Jose Calderon: Appears to be on the outside looking in right now. The guy can play but only one way... A trade could come at any moment.

    9. Sonny Weems: The additions of Kleiza and Barbosa really has taken the bite out his notion of being T-Mac to DeRozan's Carter.

    10. David Andersen: "Blue Collar Bargnani" hopes to fill a similar role to what he did last year in Houston.

    11. Solomon Alabi: I can't help but root for this kid. Such a positive, hard working, down to earth individual who deserves to be in the league as much as anybody. He'll figure it out but probably not this year.

    12. Reggie Evans: Like what he brings to the court at times but the guy had no business having the ball in his hands of stone last season, let alone trying to post guys up around the rim. He has an expiring contract and will probably be nothing more than a trading chip at this stage of the game in Toronto

    13. Marco Belinelli: Everything he can do multiple people can do better. He's probably going to go in a trade before the deadline.

    14. Marcus Banks: See #12 and #13.

    15. Joey Dorsey: No telling if he makes it to season opener without buying a ticket.

    16. Dwayne Jones: Given that Raptors brass actually admitted they hadn't seen the guy play before forces me to place him at the back of the bus until I get some indication pointing to the contrary.

    And yes, I realize the Raptors need to cut down the roster to at least 15 before the season starts.
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