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Thread: Another Reason Why Superstars Won't Play Here

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    Quote LBF wrote: View Post
    the only reason superstars won't play here is

    1) Toronto has drafted poorly and missed out on a lot of great players.

    2) we don't go out nad try to bring in superstar's through trades or sign them as fa's. How many fa stars have we missed out on the past few seasons through free agency?

    3) we had one of the best duo's in the league, but, we traded away half of it and we never replaced that half.

    4)The team has never actually commited to winning.

    5) fi we had of held onto vince carter or gotten a potential all-star in return in that trade we wouldn't have been in the situation we've been in the last few years.

    6) we managed to pass on the likes of dwayne wade,danny granger, brandon roy, in the draft.

    on the plus side though it's good we didn't have the 2nd overall pick or we might have drafted darko.
    I disagree almost everywhere....

    1) We havnt been that bad in the last 5 years if you look at our draft positions. We just got Ed Davis, Demar Derozen and Bargnani. 2007 we didnt have a pick, and 2008 we drafted Hibbert, but made the mistake of trading him. Not that bad, you could say Roy would've been the better pick, but then no ones pointing the finger at Atlanta for taking Shelden Williams, or Charlotte for taking Morrison... even Portland chose Tyrus Thomas over Roy. It happens all the time in drafts, its no excuse, but it's easy to say someone made a bad pick 5 years later.

    2) So you are saying Superstars wont play here b/c we don't sign superstars? Kind of a tough position to be in if you ask me....

    3) We did a sign and trade b/c it was out our only choice. T-mac was ready to be a star, and it wasn't going to be in Toronto.

    4) I'm not even sure what you're trying to say here. You might have to be more specific, because that is a pretty broad statment.

    5) This might be the only part I agree with. We got hosed in that deal, and I'm not sure why.

    6) You could say that about anybody. Chicago recently has passed on... Westbrook, Love, Brook Lopez, Rudy Fernandez, Aaron Brooks, Brandon Roy, Rudy Gay, Devin Harris, Igoudala, Josh Smith, Jameer Nelson and Amare Stoudemire

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    Balls of Steel: Great avatar...fucking hilarious, the two sides of Rupaul! I remember when that douche reporter (Lloyd Carroll of the Queens Chronicle in Queens, N.Y in case anyone wants to send him an email letting him know what a douche is his like I did) asked Ed that ridiculous question...Jack Armstrong called him a moron on live t.v, gotta love Jackie! Is there anything more annoying than the American media making ignorant statements about living in Canada when they don't have a clue?

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    Eric Koreen

    In wake of Bosh and Turkoglu comments, DeRozan called Toronto a top-5 city among players in the league. 21 minutes ago via web
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    Memories some so sweet, indeed

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