Doug Smith brings up a good point this morning and this is definitely something I hope Jay does try. With Jose being out, shortening up the bench a bit and using a shorter rotation overall but definitely with the bench with giving most minutes off the pine to players like Marco, Seems and Amir. Let's go with a shorter rotation forsure.


But I do think they need to tweak the rotation, a point Iíve been hammering home for a few weeks now and something that Iím hearing from people in the organization now.

The bench isnít producing like it did, the starting unit is okay but inconsistent and maybe some roles need to be altered.

So, what do I do?

Well, nothing to the starting lineup thatís for sure.

But, again, I say give Weems the minutes that Wrightís getting, Iíd run Belinelli out there a bit more to see if heíll respond to more responsibility and, last nightís horrible effort notwithstanding, Iíd get the rookie some more fourth quarter minutes.

Thatís a tightening of the rotation if Joseís going to be out, going with eight guys mainly Ė the five starters, Belinelli, Weems and Johnson Ė but maybe thatís worth a try for a few games.

I will also caution you of this:

There is still a lot of time left, the season is not over by any stretch of the imagination and they will actually win some games and play well doing it.
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