Right now the Raptors have 5 legitimate bigs, i.e., Davis, Johnson, Bargnani, Anderson and Evans. Dorsey may make the team and Alabi may make the active roster but for now lets assume that if they do their minutes in 10-11 will be limited mostly to garbage time.

Most will agree that the three that will see the most minutes in 10-11, barring injury are Bargnani, Davis and Johnson.

We all know that we will see on he court together quite a bit of

Bargnani and Johnson
Bargnani and Davis

So what happens when Bargnani goes off the court for say 13 - 15 a game?

The first answer may be that that will be D. Anderson time.

However, will it necessarily be D. Anderson that is on the court with either Davis or Johnson or will we see

Davis and Johnson on the court together?

If so do you gals/guys think that the two can be effective together especially given their lack of bulk, their lack of experience and their apparent lack of scoring ability.

I happen to think that Triano will experiment with Davis and Johnson on the court together. I am looking for him to try it during pre-season to see how it looks. If it seems to work in the pre-season my guess is that we could see a lot of it during the regular season especially against teams without a heavy center.

1. Could Davis and Johnson be effective against teams without a heavy center on the court?

Personally I think that they could and will become very effective on defense against those types of teams.

2.Will they be able to score enough?

i think that those two playing together will more often than not (over 50% of the time) result in the Raptors out scoring their opponent.

It may not happen right away but as Davis and Johnson get to know one another tendencies I think it will