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Thread: Hoop Plus The Harm: Boris Diaw Is Fat

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    Default Hoop Plus The Harm: Boris Diaw Is Fat

    A first-hand account from Jeremy Priemski who attended the Canada vs. France Jack Donahue International Classic game:

    Boris Diaw is fat. I don't want to sugarcoat it. I may already have done that by simply saying he's fat. He's put on at least 20 pounds since the season ended for Charlotte, and it's definitely not muscle. His basketball IQ still shone through it all, but he missed 3 seemingly easy layups that, had he been 20 pounds lighter, he'd have made. But he's fat. However, '10-'11 is a contract year for him, so I anticipate that he'll lose it all by training camp.
    Source - LINK
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    We were lucky to have missed Turkoglu version 2.0 but the article is right, at least Boris Diaw would be motivated to lose all that weight and play hard because it is a contract year, with Hedo we got shafted cause he signed the contract and then he decided to get fat and lazy!!

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