Rangers' new owner announces fan initiatives

08/13/10 6:42 PM ET

ARLINGTON -- They started off with lower prices on parking, beer, soda, hot dogs and T-shirts.

"The five basic staples of life," Rangers CEO Chuck Greenberg said at an introductory news conference at the Ballpark in Arlington on Friday.

Greenberg officially moved into his job as the head of Rangers Baseball Express, the new ownership group that has taken over from former owner Tom Hicks. One of his first moves was to announce a series of fan initiatives that mainly called for a reduction in concession and parking prices.

Parking is going from $12 to $10 although still $5 on Friday. Jumbo hot dogs, sodas, beer, T-shirts, caps and souvenir baseballs are also being reduced slightly. Then there is the cap exchange.

Fans can receive a 20 percent discount on all Rangers caps at the gift shops if they bring in another team's cap in exchange.

"It gives you amnesty and a little bit of a break to put the right cap on," Greenberg said. "We have a whole series of initiatives as far as the fans, but that's the best we would do in 24 hours. This is just the beginning of an extended program that will never end as far as this franchise in being responsive to the fans.