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This is flat out wrong. Calderon has shown to be one of the slowest paced starting point guards in the league. Every Calderon run team has been below average in terms of pace (total possessions) relative to the rest of the league. It's easy to see this considering how many late in the shot clock long two point jump shots Calderon tends to generate.
Calderon ran a lot more this past season, which is why, when he was coming off the bench, he helped them be one of the better scoring benches in the league. Calderon doesn't push the ball as much as other point guards, but he has no problem playing up tempo when he has the type of players that run the court.

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Calderon is not only slow for a PG and not built for an up tempo game but his lack of D is embarrassing...Jack has better D and chemistry with the Young Gunz and this offseason continues to prove it...There is no such thing as the Raps can afford to keep him because of the defensive upgrades, if anything we need to continue with MORE defensive upgrades since Jack will replace any scoring Jose is capable of...
Johnson and Weems played better with Calderon than with Jack. And chemistry happens on the floor, not off it.