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Seems to be exactly the kind of match-up that Bargnani is poor against one-on-one: quick, big, and knows how to use both to his advantage. He kinda reminds me of Demarcus Cousins (minus the jump shot). I don't think it matters that he hasn't played a minute in the NBA (he'll be with the TWolves next season). That's like saying there aren't any good players in International ball that aren't in the NBA.

That said Bargnani's passion for defense is as nonexistent as ever. It's like he doesn't even try, and relies too much on his size. And I do hope that Colangelo takes the first few months of this season to really ask himself if Bargnani (and his job) is worth keeping. My take is still that he isn't worth anything more than a first big off the bench for offense. Good offensive player, but does not cut it as a starter due to lack of defensive skills and instincts.
I to think at some point Bargnani could be coming off of the bench if BC doesn't trade him. It will be very interesting this season to see how the Raptors fare with Bargnani non on the court. Yes very interesting indeed.

No Bosh and No Bagnani on the court. It will be very interesting. I personally think it will go a lot better than people would think at this point.

We will definitely get the chance to find out starting within a couple of months