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We are all still raptors' fans even though we might have discrepancies in opinions. We all want Bargnani to "step up", that way our team wouldn't suck. The debate is whether these hopes are legitimate (backed up by stats) and probable (based on projection).

Take this analogy (or don't, it might be a terrible one). You and your friend are at the horse track, somehow a horse with one prosthetic leg made it on to the card and was pegged as a favourite, even though past races has shown that to be not true. Your buddy wants to bet his life savings on that horse, he claims,

"Joe, you don't understand my logic because you lack intelligence, with great power comes great responsibilities. Speaking from experience, that prosthetic horse has a jet pack up his ass"

Even after his obscene comments, being his friend, are you not still going to point out that the horse he's about to blow his life savings on has three legs and haven't won all day?

The problem with this debate, and the one in the fake analogy, is one side offers legitimate points, and the other, slander.
great post - very creative analogy !! lol