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Thread: Hawes is the future!

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    Default Hawes is the future!

    To Kings:
    Andrea Bargnani ($6,527,491) 6 years
    Marcus Banks ($4,553,793) 2 years
    Patrick O'Bryant ($855,189) 1 year

    Total: $11,936,473

    To Raps:
    Spencer Hawes ($2,332,800) 2 years + team option
    Kenny Thomas ($8,775,000) 1 year
    Sergio Rodriguez ($1,576,696) 1 year

    Total: $12,684,496

    Would you pull this trade if you're Geoff Petrie (Kings GM) and if you're BC?

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    Let me preface this by saying I'm a big Hawes fan. I think he is underappreciated.

    That said, no. I think the Kings want flexibility and this does the opposite for them. They like flashy players and Andrea is far from that and I won't even touch POB or Marcus.

    That Thomas chip is very valuable and I'm not sure Andrea for 6 years returns that value.

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    Can't see why the Kings would want to commit to paying Bargnani 10M/yr for the next five years. I think if BC hadn't signed him to the deal, they would consider it but as AltRaps pointed out, they'll want an out if things don't workout.

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    Quote AltRaps wrote: View Post
    ...That said, no. I think the Kings want flexibility and this does the opposite for them.
    I believe you're right - Sacramento is 2nd to last in league attendance. Can't imagine they want any long term contracts. Can't afford them.

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