After the amazing game last Wednesday, I was excited to see the Raps perform against a sub 500 team. I figured, if we can win against Cleveland, Memphis would be a walk in the park. Well, it's the last 2 min. of the game and the Raptors are down by 5. I have switched the channel to the celtics game and cringe at the score...but that's another story.

I don't know what it is....I honestly thought that this is a different team. I know I'm basing this on one game but it is like a recurring nightmare of last season. We obviously have them beat on paper, and yet we are struggling against this memphis team. It could be the drive inside seeing as they were demolished by Detroit on their last game.

The Raptors lacked intensity this defense, sloppy offense and alot of turn overs (sounds familiar??). They start to settle for jumpshots and no movement on the offense. Couldn't they figure out that when they start to take it in the paint they took an 8 point lead? There was alot of talk about Bargnani turning the corner...well, It doesn't seem like it. He's being man handled by Gasol and Bosh seems like he was scared of guarding Randolph.

I started yelling at my TV especially when refs did their "questionable" calls once again. But, I figured that we played through it against Cleveland and won.....why is this any different?

Memphis played good basketball tonight; however, I'll chalk this one up on the "games the Raptors should have won" column.

I'll use Cleveland's excuse....."They need time to gel"