Ever since July 1 Chris Bosh has been seeking out cameras, radio shows, TV shows magazines every possible thing he can do to compensate for the fact that he is not as sensational as Lebron or Dwade - Chris do us all a favor and give it a rest would ya?

Here are some reasons why:
1) Go use some of that time to take care of your kid you Dead beat dad

2) All the promoting and channeling of his fans to twitter with a media company doing back ground 2500 tweets later and Lebron with 2 tweets and no back ground eclipsed Bosh follower-ship in 2 days (by a few hundred thousand).

3) When Kevin Garnett came to Boston (west to east) Bosh's little narcissistic brain was so much in a tizzy he even recorded this shameless self promoting Youtube video (below) to try and hang on to votes as a starter in All star game (of course he lost the vote by a large margin to a vastly superior KG)

... I mean really?

Chris here is the deal - no one cares that much about you. It only seems like it now not because you are in America - but because you have 2 team mates are two of the most exciting players on earth. Know your role and STFU puh-leez. It's embarrassing.

If you were in Indian (for example) playing a long side Troy Murphy and Danny Granger it would be more evident - stop kidding yourself.