It would appear as though Pops days as a Raptors are over.

Didn't come back with the same spark that he played with late last season, but in the Raptors defense we were already out of the playoffs and had nothing to play for last year. So, hence why Pops stepped up like he did.

All the best to ya Pops.

Here’s one that’ll rile up a whole bunch of you.

I can see the end coming for Pops.

(Don’t throw things, hear me out)

Later this month, right around the 20th, I believe, maybe a couple of days later, his contract becomes fully guaranteed if he’s still on the roster.

And with it looking more and more like they’ll need the flexibility of a roster spot, either for a trade, maybe a third point guard, maybe a big, I can certainly see that spot being created by his departure.

This has as much to do with money as ability – there is no one else they can waive and save money doing it – so it might turn out to be the logical move.
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