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Thread: Can Any Bargnani Fans Here Translate This Video?

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    Default Can Any Bargnani Fans Here Translate This Video?

    I am just curious as to what Kobe is talking about in this video in general terms. Thanks

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    “As a captain, I played furiously. I drew a lot of fouls, but I brought everything I had to every practice and to every game. I left everything on the court because I simply wanted the team to win”
    Quote from well known personality who led their high school team to a state championship.

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    He talks about the sacrifices he had to make to become a champion And he just says alot about how he can't be with the family and friends, cause you can't go party but you have to train etc..

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    I speak italian but I'm not really a Bargs fan, can I translate this video?

    To add something to what JoePanini said:

    - It's more important to win a championship than the MVP award (it's pre MVP it seems)
    - What would have been different if he had gone to college: maybe the NBA team he's playing for and education, not the passion for the game etc
    - Thoughest player to defend: Jordan, Drexler, Stockton, his Dad 1vs1. Kobe says again he works a lot everyday.
    - Enjoys spending time with the family, videogames, movies, loves the sea.
    - After the 50+ points streak he was tired and slept a lot (lol)
    - He's a AC Milan supporter (damn you Kobe!)
    - Loves pasta alla carbonara, lasagna, gnocchi, cotoletta. Italian pizza is the best pizza in the world.
    - Loves Phil Jackson giving him books because he's also a good teacher outside the basketball court.

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