Chisholm hits the nail on the head with his latest article at TSN yesterday.

The Toronto Raptors are not a good basketball team.

An over simplistic statement, perhaps, but after Chris Bosh uttered as much following Toronto's last meeting against the same Atlanta Hawks that thrashed them last night, little of substance has occurred to change that interpretation. The question becomes, then, what is there to do about it? To that end I've got some bad news for you, Raptors fans, because the answer to that question is simply 'nothing.'

Again, maybe that's an over simplification of a much more complex answer, but the crux of the issue is that right now all the Raptors can do is stay the course and hope that things turn around because just about every other option has been exercised to little or not effect. It's never the route that a contemporary sports fan wants to hear about, the savvy modern Internet dweller that spends his or her idle time drumming him or herself into a tizzy on message boards, but a 'let it be' approach may be the most reasonable and realistic course of action this team has left.

The primary reason for that is that at the heart of the issues plaguing this current iteration of Toronto's basketball franchise is chemistry or lack thereof. This is a group of virtual strangers who spend a lot of time on the court playing up to that description. Turnovers are a constant theme, poor defensive communication is a nightly staple and a lack of consistency and flow mar just about every effort this team musters up. This group does not have the connective tissue to stand up to anyone but the weakest of teams and the only solution to that problem is time.

The problem with that strategy is that it presupposes that if and when the chemistry arrives this team has the complimentary talent reserves to make a dent in the Eastern Conference. Preach all one wants about whether or not they believe the team has said talent, the only way to prove it is ultimately to leave the lure in the water and until something (big or small) takes a bite. If the talent is there, then Bryan Colangelo and (to a lesser extent) Jay Triano will be vindicated for preaching the virtues of this roster and the patience required to make it work. If the talent isn't there then another long summer of soul searching will befall this club and its beleaguered fan base.
So we can propose all the trades in the world to help this team now, but at the end of the day no one besides Bosh is helping themselves and their value in order for Colangelo to make any significant changes now.

So sit tight, because if these guys don't mesh anytime soon, then at least we'll be in the running for the John Wall sweepstakes next summer. See, it ain't so bad.

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