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Thread: What's Going On In BC's Mind?

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    Default What's Going On In BC's Mind?

    If you can imagine being a cowboy, and the horse is one of Colangelo's brain neurons, you might be able to understand Raptors' future. Even massage it, if your grip on those reins is good. But thoughts of a Fantastic Voyage reality series (with Raquel Welch no less), being a mere dream (no pun intended Budda), one can only surmise where Brian is going.

    Someone said that BC – with the addition of Kleiza and Anderson – will make the Raps just good enough to make fans happy. I prefer to look at Brian’s choices, as player types whose potential could be more. Should a guy like Kleiza have a good year, his value with other assets tagging along (ie. Expirings), for a team making a run (or simply replacing an injured player), could get us either a future draft pick, or a player with good potential. Or a way to a higher pick (in combination with existing picks). Or these guys could become part of an upswing with the Raptors.

    And if they have a ‘Hedo” year, I feel confidant Colangelo can move such a player.

    Losing Bosh - a fait accompli - as our New York blogger inferred, was something that I also believed tied Brian’s hands - so to speak. Bosh is a Tier 2 Star in a Tier 1 price bracket. At least for Toronto.

    As some might know, I’m a believer in T.O.’s need to admit the whole premium game. We have to pay such an extra (like the Canadian dollar experience), because that’s what happens when you’re the only foreign city in an essentially American league. With Bosh, I was not so enthusiastic, as that premium enters J.O.’s territory and the potential pratfall. Which, as we all know, a worn down 20 million non-bionic man can be taxing on a Cap. That may seem like a stretch to suggest about Bosh, but I’ve always worried about his knees.

    In that mind of Brian Colangelo, is the prospect of a 7 foot enigma, and all that he means. To many Raptor fans, that enigma needs to be removed. For others, many reasons exist. For me, there were mistakes, along with reasons, that contributed to this whole issue. If Bosh thought this country was different, how did Andrea feel. Compare beginning interviews to recent ones, and we can all agree AB’s language skills have improved significantly. Those reasons have now expired. Whether Andrea gets it this season, is something we could discuss ad nauseam. What concerns BC right now, is not just whether Bargs gets it, but whether his team does. His future depends on it.

    Colangelo has made many mistakes during his term with the Raps. Effectively learning on the job, without the benefit of a confidant … his father. Which by the way, nepotism does have its’ advantages – Paris & her pepsi-free shit aside.

    Impatience & Play-offs
    As many do state, the BC guided Raptors have missed the past 2 years. I’ve been a Leaf fan for too long, and if I started to complain about 2 crappy years, I’d need my head examined more often. My Doc would declare I’m way past saving - and that this desire for the Leafs to win soon, is fractured thinking.

    BC faced a Coach of the Year that he should’ve fired. He has toiled with the concept that players love playing here, but that this being Toronto, the media (as Papa Kaberle said), frightens away free agents. He faced a situation where the PG situation was envied. And then in a flash of an elbow, turned to disaster – thanks Horford.

    Yet with all these mistakes and misfortunes, Brian has to believe that JT learning on the job, will bring a fruitful exchange. And that Bargs, the # 1 option (for the beginning at least), will grab the reins left by CB, and justify BC’s belief in him. And that maybe this guy Carlesimo can instill a Defense sorely lacking last year. One that will make us forget wtf’s his name – that (former) Defensive guru.

    In the end, there are many things rolling through Brian Colangelo’s mind - as the season gears up. Just not one of them is a cowboy. Or Raquel for that matter.

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