I was watching some videos from Bargnani's rookie season and summer league... I must say, back then, Bargnani was a lot more mobile, quick, spring in his step and had a higher vertical.

I'm wondering... did the Raptors focus WAY TOO much on his deficiencies and not enough on his strengths? I feel like we kept insisting on developing him as a center with traditional post moves and that has hindered his growth and development.

His rookie season, we all saw glimpses of his speed and athleticism--which drew comparisons to Dirk (fairly or unfairly). But now, the guy moves around like a younger Rasho.

I've seen this happen in other sports, where coaches focus so much on the player's weaknesses, that his/her strengths no longer provide an advantage.

Maybe we should have let Bargs play his game, and let him make the adjustments so that his style of game fit the NBA--rather than dictating what he should be doing and how he should be doing it.

Coaches should be able to figure out a player's strengths and learn to utilize them--Mike D'Antoni did a great job of that in Phoenix. Fit the style of play to the personnel you have, rather than fit the players to a style.

Just YouTube it for yourself: search for Bargnani rookie, and Bargnani summer league and you'll be amazed at the fact that you forgot how mobile and aggressive he used to be.