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Thread: Lithuania Comes From Behind To Beat Spain - More To Follow

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    Quote Pizzaman wrote: View Post
    So you must be the resident EXPERT then and you make the MARK?
    EDIT - Not necessary - Doc
    Ouch. lol

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    Quote Buddahfan wrote: View Post
    I would put Howard's ability to pass out out of a double team on the same level as Reggie's ability to pass when he unguarded

    Quote Pizzaman wrote: View Post
    He played great in Orlando because the team moved the ball around more, he got his touches, he got way more open looks because they move the ball and because Howard demands doubles, and knows how to pass out, where Bosh could not pass and held the ball too long for Turk to get involved. That said Turk is also a lazy fat slow prick who in Orlando got shit nightly from Van Gundy even when he was playing well, and then Triano treats him like a baby. Turk is the kind of player that needs open looks, a team that passes the ball and a coach that busts his balls all the time.
    Um, Turk many times had the ball. He spread the floor and was crucial in Orlando's run to the finals. He was clutch and rebounded quite well. Was even pretty decent passer. Plus, he didn't get "pass-outs" from Howard. He created his own shot many times, as he was usually the clutch shooter. Plus he went on many runs where he's either pump-fake and shoot or post up. He was GREAT. And I mean GREAT in 08. And no one can deny that. If he could reproduce his form in 08 vs Bosh last year. I would take Hedo. But now we all know how things ended up, for both actually. HAHA

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