It's been a while since my last comment, but i've been reading almost everything in the site.

There's something that really worries with this forums. You know, it's almost September, when the NBA sleeps but there's a little tournament being play in Turkey call the World Cup and it's the most important behind the Olimpics, where the best countries in the world play.

You always said that having too many international players is one of the worst thing of the roster but, anyways, we have three rotation guy (all new faces this season) playing in the tournament, being starters and vital parts in good teams (Kleiza is the 5th leading scorer and the star of the Lithuanian team that today beat the former champion, Spain).

All of you who complain about international players and put tags on them like, soft or defensively weak, are you watching the games? because it's a good thing to watch the players before talking about them, right?

Beside the three Raptors in the tourament, there're tons of familiar faces to the organitation and basketball superstars and one player we have his draft rights (Giorgios Printezis). And we can watch very good prospects without nba team (Milos Teodosic from Serbia for example)

For my point of view, we're all basketball fans, and this is basketball too. I don't think we're just NBA, show and dunks fans. Okay prefering darren collison or dj augustine over jose calderon is very crazy, but let me think we all like well played basketball.

And when I enter to the Republic to discuss Andersen, Barbosa and Kleiza, who suprise me with his developed scoring arsenal in the first three games, there's nothing in the forum or in the site. Instead the hot topic of the week is Amir's last tweet about Carmelo.

Let's talk basketball guys, and this is one of the most wonderful tournaments in the world, please let's open our minds to new concepts of the game, that could help us to understand basketball too.

That was the only thing I wanted to say. I hope we can talk about this too