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Thread: NBA Saturday: Weems' Time To Shine - Did Alex Kennedy Refuse To Use Term "YGZ®"

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    Default NBA Saturday: Weems' Time To Shine - Did Alex Kennedy Refuse To Use Term "YGZ®"

    Because the Raptors are so young, Weems feels that they're being overlooked heading into the season. His expectations remain high and he believes that this team could make the playoffs.

    "I'm trying to be a playoff team and I think everyone else has that same mentality. That's why we're coming up here early, we're striving for that, and that's one thing we have on our mind. I want to be a playoff team and I think everyone else is thinking the same way," Weems said.

    Another reason the players are working together this summer is trying to get everyone adjusted to their new roles.

    "We have Jarrett Jack who is coming back and will probably be our starting point guard so he's running the show. Like I said, we're really young but we're going to surprise a lot of teams. We're just going to have equal scoring. Chris Bosh was our regular 24 and 10, or whatever he had, but we have guys who can step up, like me and DeMar. We have to play a big role this upcoming season and that's a challenge that we're willing to take. We've been working hard this summer, all summer. We've been travelling all summer with Eric Hughes, who is our assistant coach, all over the United States trying to get better. I think we're going to surprise a lot of people," Weems said.

    His expectations for this season may seem high but his vision of the future is even more optimistic. As Weems and his young teammates develop and enter their primes together, he believes this group can become one of the top teams in the NBA.

    "I think this season is going to be a learning season for us but as the years progress, I think we're going to be better as a unit and better as a team," Weems said. "If the organization keeps the young guys around, if they want us, and want to keep going in this route then I'm looking forward to it. They seem really committed to keeping us together, that's what I hope [happens]. This year is going to be a learning season for us and then in the years to come, we're going to be one of the best teams in the league."
    "It was actually one of our team's security guys, Willis [who coined the name]. He's not with us anymore but we were just goofing around one day at practice and he was like, 'Yeah, these are my young guns right here.' That name, everybody just took it and ran with it. It's just a name that he thought of and we just ran with it. You see the whole Canadian nation, they loved it. (Say What?) We just embraced it and that's what we called ourselves," Weems said.
    @AlexKennedyNBA - There are no Young Gunz - Your info is outdated. - They were renamed and trade marked YGZ® about 14 hours ago via web in reply to AlexKennedyNBA

    NBA Saturday: Weems' Time to Shine

    By: Alex Kennedy Last Updated: 9/4/10 2:38 AM ET | 1760 times read

    Weems Aiming For Greatness: Anytime a team loses their franchise player, there's a rebuilding period that follows. That's where the Toronto Raptors find themselves now after Chris Bosh bolted for Miami earlier this summer.

    But even without their star, the future is looking bright in Toronto. The team's average age is 25 years old and the roster features young talent such as Ed Davis, DeMar DeRozan, Amir Johnson, and Andrea Bargnani. But of all the fresh faces, no one will be expected to step up more than Sonny Weems.

    "First of all, I'm glad that Bryan Colangelo even gave me the chance to showcase what I could do," Weems told HOOPSWORLD. "It took them awhile but they really let me go out there and let me play like I know I can so I felt really comfortable. It just bad timing for me when I was in Denver. I tore my groin during my senior year and that's one thing that you really have to have surgery on and give time to heal. I gave it time but I tried to come back too fast and I hurt something else. But I'm just glad I got the opportunity with the Raptors to show that I belong in the NBA."

    Weems saw his role increase last season but he knows he'll have to do more this year with Bosh gone. While his decision to join the Heat was surprising, Weems wasn't shocked to see Bosh leave Toronto.....

    "That will largely depend on the development of "The Young Gunz" – the nickname given to Weems, DeRozan, and Johnson last season".

    "Unfortunately, we'll probably have to change the name because the NBA isn't going to let us use the 'Young Gunz' thing."
    Here is my tweet I sent to him last night. Did he get the tweet before his article was posted. The ethical and professional thing to do would be to contact Arse and find out if the YGZ® is trademarked. Then update and correct his article to mention it.

    I am posting the article before i have read the whole thing so I will comment on it later. However I did check the article and there does not appear to be the term YGZ® in it.
    comp article here
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