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    Well this rating is biased in my opinion.


    Look at how much it is pointed out the importance of Suns getting Childress and if Childress will get back into NBA style. Why it is biased well because as you may know Childress and Kleiza played last season in Olympiacos and you can ask ANY Olympiacos fan who was better - Kleiza or Childress and most likely you will hear - Kleiza.

    He was the leader of the Olympiacos team and the best scorer in Euroleague while Childress not as bad as in his first season still had the tendency to disappear.

    But on this review it is focused on the importance of Sun's getting Childress while Raptors getting Kleiza mentioned almost as a complete non-factor though anyone who watched Olympiacos game last season could tell that Kleiza usually outplayed Childress and was more important player.

    Not only that but Raps got rid of Turk and gotten Barbosa instead. yes, I am not impressed from what I have seen in Barbosa with Brazil but considering last years situation it does seem like an important add.
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