4 weeks have passed since the voting began for TNT's All Decade Performances; Raptor appearances to date: 0

Looking at the rest of the categories, I see some potential for Toronto to get some recognition (possibly):

Vote 7: Playoff series - so there have been some great playoff series this past decade, but Toronto-Philly in 2001 East semis is arguably one of the better ones and hopefully Toronto will come up in this category; that series would have my vote
Vote 9: Buzzer beater- regular season - Mo' Pete vs Washington - enough said
Vote 10: Posterization - regular season - as much as it may make us Raps fans cringe, VC may possibly be nominated in this category- but if that means national recognition for the raps, i'm all for it
Vote 12: All-Star Saturday Dunk - i think hands down this one goes to VC with either his first 360-windmill or 3rd between the legs dunk

Opinions/thoughts on the merit of these possibilities? I'm really hoping the raptors-sixers series is highlighted because that series truly was one of the greatest