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Thread: Starting PG for Spain in FIBA 2010

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    Default Starting PG for Spain in FIBA 2010

    Hello All

    A friend of mine is claming that Ricky Rubio was the starting PG for spain in these games and that Navarro plays SG for Spain while Rudy plays SF !!

    I did not watch any of the spain games and all the links that I found about the games does not say anything about who the starting five were for that game.

    Anyway, Long story short, now we have a bet and I said that I think Navarro played starting PG since that is his position when he was in NBA as well.

    Does anyone has a link or any information on this

    Thanks guys

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    Ricky Rubio started He had the most minutes on the Spanish team with 208. Navarro had under 180, but playing 7 games to Rubio's 8. But I'm positive Rubio started... Sorry.

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    it's prolly calderon in the video game though.
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