A decent half season might score Colangelo the long-term contract extension he has been coveting. Heck, if you listen to the man who’ll largely decide Colangelo’s fate, you get the idea a passable 25 games could do it.

That’s not to say a disastrous beginning couldn’t end Colangelo’s four-plus-year tenure in Toronto. But on Wednesday Colangelo’s boss gave the impression that a decision on the GM’s future will be made sooner rather than later. And if you’re laying odds, it’s a short bet he’s not going anywhere.

“I will make a recommendation to the board (on Colangelo’s future) at some point during the season,” said Peddie. “I’m not going to leave Bryan hanging out. He’s got kids in school here.”
“We still really believe in Bryan Colangelo,” said Peddie.

Said Colangelo: “(A contract extension) hasn’t been top of mind. Top of mind is getting the team together and regrouping after losing Bosh.”
“Of the 14 clubs I’ve been around, I really like the attitude and culture of this club the best,” Peddie said. “There are no egos. They’ve very engaged. They’re enthusiastic as hell. But we’re young, very young. . . . I want to see them play hard and be active and be better defensively. And we’ll see where it goes.”
“I’ve heard from the board, I’ve heard from Richard, that they consider me a long-term piece here,” said Colangelo. “They’ve been supportive of everything we’ve done as a basketball management team, and that support has not wavered.”

Said Peddie: “I’ll just watch, and if I like where I think it’s going, we’ll re-up Bryan.”
Source: TheStar.com