DeMar DeRozan possesses the drive and determination that makes okay players good, and good players great. Similar to Williams, DeRozan's game was focused almost solely on his athleticism last season. He scored on cuts and fast breaks almost exclusively, and provided average defense at best. However, DeRozan worked his butt off the very second the 2010 season ended for the Raptors, polishing new moves, improving his handle and shooting ability, and watching tape. With Chris Bosh leaving for Miami, it's seemingly up to DeRozan and Andrea Bargnani to carry this team. The coaching staff in Toronto seems determined to teach him Kobe's pet moves and instincts, realizing that DeMar does have a shot at being a great scorer for the Raptors for years to come. He showed off his dramatically improved game at the Las Vegas Summer League, averaging 21-4.5-1.5 in 4 games.

Definitely seems like a possibility if you ask me.