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Thread: NBA Fantasy Basketball Keeper League (Season 1 Registration)

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    Default NBA Fantasy Basketball Keeper League (Season 1 Registration)

    Hi guys, the season is a little over a month away and I feel it's time to start working on getting a league together. I have now created a league for us at Yahoo Sports. Some quick points:

    • This will be a keeper league, meaning at the end of the season you keep some of your players to carry forward to next season. We will get into the rules around this later but for now, just know that you'll be able to keep 20% of your roster moving forward to next year.
    • It's free to play, you just need a Yahoo account.
    • Some people have already expressed interest in this league and I've already sent them the registration information. To everyone else, please PM me or post your interest here.
    • I expect this thing to fill up fast and there may be a need for a second league so don't worry if you miss out on this one. We'll still have you covered.
    • Below there is a list of people who I've already accepted and a list of the league details:
    • For now the draft will be a live auction, meaning that you all will be given a fantasy cash amount and you will have to bid on players. The reason why I am thinking this will be a good idea is because the league is going to be very big and this will give everyone the most even playing field.

    Unofficial List Of League Members * Green = Registered, Red = Have not registered
    • GM Melo
    • Mack North
    • CB4
    • Forty
    • Doc
    • TR Destruction
    • Skywalker
    • Apollo
    • drizz
    • RaptorsFan4Life
    • JoePanini
    • James Ballswin (Realizar)
    • Raptor4Ever
    • Jive
    • canadafubuki
    • AltRaps

    League Details
    • Scoring Type: Head-to-Head
    • Playoffs: Week 21, 22 and 23 (8 teams)
    • Playoff Seeding Type: Division winners awarded top playoff seeds
    • Max Teams: 16
    • Max Acquisitions per Week: 4
    • Trade End Date: March 10, 2011
    • Trade Review: League Votes
    • Trade Reject Time: 2 days
    • Waiver Time: 2 days
    • Waiver Type: Continual rolling list
    • Can't Cut List: Yahoo! Sports
    • Post Draft Players: Follow Waiver Rules
    • League Start Week: Week 1 (Oct 26)
    • Roster Changes: Daily - Tomorrow

    Roster Setup
    • Point Guard (PG): 1
    • Shooting Guard (SG): 1
    • Guard (G): 1
    • Small Forward (SF): 1
    • Power Forward (PF): 1
    • Forward (F): 1
    • Center (C): 2
    • Utility (Util): 2
    • Bench (BN):5

    Scoring Settings
    • Field Goal Percentage
    • Free Throw Percentage
    • 3-point Shots Made
    • Points Scored
    • Total Rebounds
    • Assists
    • Steals
    • Blocked Shots
    • Turnovers
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