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    Quote Matt52 wrote: View Post
    For those who draft on positional need rather than overall talent, please refer to Rafael Arujo vs. Andre Iguodala :P

    But on a serious note, here is a good break down of players by position:
    They have a fairly favorable opinion of Perry.

    However they also mention that he under performs

    Consistency here will be something to look for with him at Baylor in 10-11.

    I would also look to see how he does in "big" games and against the "better" teams.

    Those two things will help determined whether he manned up or not to his potential.

    If not next year at Baylor than he will be a high risk pick.

    Other things to look for will include:

    Where will be in located on the floor on offensive sets; i.e. on the wing or on the block?
    If on the block how good is his post up game.
    If on the wing how well does he shoot the shortened three ball in NCAA.
    Look to see where he plays on defense; i.e. as a wing or as a big. If as a big check his rebounding.
    Looking at his overall defense and w/o getting blinded to everything else by his blocks.

    Interesting that DraftNet lists him as a SF

    Small Forwards

    2. Perry Jones 6-11 230 SF Baylor Fr.

    It is awe-inspiring to watch a player who is 6'11" move like Perry Jones does. On the fast break he is a terror. Charging at the defense full-speed, only to change directions on a dime and then rise up for a powerful finish. His ball handling skills coupled with his length reminds many of Tracy McGrady. He is extremely comfortable with the ball in his hands. Though his jump shot isn't reliable yet, he shows a lot of potential in this area. All of his physical attributes (athleticism, strength, length, height, quickness) makes defense come easy to him at the high school level. He will have to put in a little more work in this area at Baylor. Unlike Barnes, Jones has a lot of skeptics. If he produces this season like he can, then he has the best chance of dethroning Barnes as the first overall pick come June.
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