Nothing much, but on a slow news days its at least something to blab about.

Here are some of the Raptors related things Ford chats about today over at ESPN:

Da Kid (NC) - Where do you honestly think Wade, Bosh, Amare, and Lebron will go next year if you had to make a prediction?

Chad Ford - Wade - Miami, LeBron - Miami, Bosh - Chicago, Stoudemire - Nets
Drew (Wichita, KS) - How big a factor in LeBron's 2010 decision is where John Wall ends up? Could the Nets become the favorites to get LBJ simply by lucking into the number one pick?

Chad Ford - It might be a factor. Might not. The only team with cap space that I think it would make a major difference for is the Nets. If they got Wall, (and then could package Devin Harris in a deal for a legit PF or more cap space to get another superstar) he might get very interested. Wall-LeBron-Lopez would be a very nice young trio. Add another big time player into the mix (say they got Amare or Bosh) and it would be very, very tempting.
Mike (Canada) - Philly isn't even playing Brand. Ship him to Chicago for Tyrus Thomas and Kirk Hinrich?

Chad Ford - I'm sure Philly would LOVE that deal. But why would Chicago do it. Yes, the Bulls need a low post scorer badly. But Brand is just a shell of his former self. Do a trade like this and Chicago also wrecks their cap space this summer. I still feel they have a great shot at landing a top tier free agent ... especially Chris Bosh.
WOW, a ton of talk about the Bulls going aggressively after Bosh this summer.

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