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    Default NBA Fantasy Basketball - League 2 (Registration)

    Hi Guys,

    League one registration still on going but if everyone who received an invitation to join goes ahead and registers the league will be full. So, we're going to need a second league. I don't think it will be a keeper league because I don't have time to run three different keepers at one time. What I think we'll do is guarantee the winner of this league an invitation to the keeper league next season and then, depending on availability, any other vacant seats in the keeper league will be filled based on the standings of league two (ie: Win the league and you're in, finish second and you get first dibs on any vacant seat, finish 3rd and... You get the drift.).

    What we need to make this happen is a league commissioner. What I'll do is let people express interest in this league and then once we have sufficient interest we can pick a commissioner from that group to take care of all you guys in terms of the draft and managing the league. So please, if you missed out on the Keeper League please consider this option and post your interest here.



    Potential League Managers List:

    • ImissDelfino
    • E-Town_Raptors
    • 'db'
    • burnsy
    • Prime
    • DP-Baller
    • bbb
    • 2mrw2day
    • Raptorsss
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