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    Default Sprite Zone Tickets

    So was trying to buy tickets and noticed that the raptors no longer offer sprite zone tickets to every game, only certain games. Looks like the cheapest tickets for the premium games are $30. This is a bunch of crock considering the team is gonna suck this year. Mlse are a bunch of money sucking wh*res

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    I definitely agree. The team has been pretty bollocks for the past few seasons, yet you can't even get a decent seat for $60! It doesn't look like they'll be attracting too many big crowds this season though, so if you're not at one of those premium games you should be able to slip down into some pretty good lower bowl seats. Remember to bring your own booze into the games as well! Those assholes charge 10 buck a beer! Gotta get 'em when we can, lol, or just don't go to the games...
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