This gives me some hope that Bargnani can pick up his game with time, crazy effort, and good coaching:″

I found it interesting to note that Dirk’s primary role in the beginning was what Bargnani’s is now – stand at the three, spread the floor. He was the third option behind Nash, and Finley - now he is the first, and he is the clutchest of all clutch players in the league now. I think one of the big reasons is that his game starts at the elbows now, where he can pass, shoot or drive from a prime position.

If Bosh leaves, maybe that is the cue for Bargs to step it up. There is hope for Bargs yet. If he can move his game in around the elbows and add a slight fade to his shot, then maybe he can be our next Dirk when Bosh leaves??? I know, I would be nice though, eh? At the least, I think Bargnani can work on a face up game closer to the rim - this driving from the three only works 25% of the time.

And if Bargs does take this next step, then we can all bitch and moan that Bargnani doesn't have someone like Bosh to play alongside to grab boards and box out.