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Thread: Carlesimo + YGZ® = Stiffling D

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    Default Carlesimo + YGZ® = Stiffling D

    If you enjoyed that brand of high octane rabid defense you saw last night look no further than the man Seton Hall Named as "Coach of the Century" AKA PJ Carlisimo.

    Who woulda-thunk-it Jack and Calderon playing 6 min/per guy in each quarter? rather than 10-12 with prolonged play and rest. Its brilliant - you gotta use what you have. They will still be in tough to make play-offs but one thing Raps fans wont stomach is a team that is limp wristed about playing D.

    Raps don't have go to guy for buckets - expect much of the offense to be generated of turnovers and hustle. NCAA style full and half court presses. That is Carlisimo's specialty. He won in NCAA with Seaton Hall and in NBA with Spurs. PJ knows "D".

    They have the perfect mix of guys to game plan like this
    Fringe NBA:
    J Wright
    Weems (up until recently but is also playing for contract)

    Young guys who want to make their mark and are not complacent NBA vets (ahem #Hedo)
    Ed davis
    Amir Johnson
    Jarret Jack

    Kleiza and Calderon are already guys who enjoy hustle so that leaves Bargs and Barbosa needed to feed off the atmosphere of hunger created by this group.
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