Today vs the Celtics we witnessed the tightness of Jack, Weems and DeRozan freeze Bargnani out of the offense during the first half and relegate him to the back of the offensive bus for the entire game.

Interestingly enough Johnson who can play well with just about anyone found himself playing the second half with all International players, Barbosa, Kleiza, Andersen and Calderon. Johnson to his credit committed only one foul in 15 minutes finishing with a +4 the best among the Raptors players today.

Shots taken.


Starters FG% 37%
Starters +/- Minus 26


Bench FG% 43%
Bench +/- Plus 6

In the first half Jack Weems and DeRozan froze Bargnani out of the offense.

In the second half Bargnani was pressing and finished with his second straight miserable shooting game on 1 - 8 and 4 points

I don't know whether it will be a good thing or not. However, to the extent that we continue to see Jack, Weems and DeRozan on the court with Bargnani, Andrea can whistle for the ball and it probably won't do him much good.

Addendum: Dorsey finished with 5 PF in only 9 minutes. If he makes the roster he could be in line to take away Johnson's title as the Raptors Most likely to commit a foul while on the court