I know this shouldn't be Raptor related, but considering the damage Hedo did here last season I figure I'd let this one slide.

I love it. I hope he continues to struggle in Phoenix too. I feel bad for Nash because he's one of my favourite players, but happy to hear that Hedo is generating the same negative buzz as he did here in Toronto last season.

What hasn't been fun for Turkoglu in his short time in Phoenix is his fit, or lack thereof, in the team's offense. Specifically, Hedo is struggling to make shots at an almost embarrassing clip through his first three exhibition games with the Suns.

Turkoglu's average for minutes played this preseason is at 21.3 per game, only slightly below his career average of 23.4. Yet his scoring and shooting statistics are way off, with Hedo managing to connect on just 4 of his 21 shots from the field, and only one of his eight three-point attempts. If you're more into the percentages than the raw numbers, that's a horrific field goal percentage of 19, and a dismal three-point shooting percentage of just 12.5.

Remember, this is the Phoenix Suns. Turkoglu isn't being asked to create shots on his own, or put the ball on the floor against a defense keyed on stopping him. This is a team built on speed, getting out in transition, and run at the point by one of the very best in the game. Shots should be wide-open and easy to come by on this team, but for some reason, Turkoglu has been unable to find his touch.
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