Hi guys, being from the Detroit area I hear a lot of news about Amir that couters all the views i hear from the Republic. I found this on the Pistons trueHoop Site (PistonPowered)

I think Bhudda might like this

I feel like this season could get old really fast if the nit-picking and complaining about the Pistons flaws picks up too much steam this preseason, which is why I’ve been trying hard to fight that sort of thing in the comments lately.

What better way to distract from some of the things that are wrong with the Pistons than to make fun of another team? I have a good friend who is a native Canadian and a major Toronto Raptors fan. He’s back home visiting this weekend and passed along this e-mail:

“I’ve been watching a ton of “Raptors TV” which is basically NBA TV Canadian Version. It’s pretty funny because last year all the promos were about Bosh and this year they are all AMIR JOHNSON. Yup. Amir highlight followed by repetitive clips about what Amir is going to do this year. Amir might not even start this year.”
So there you have it. Complain about the crowded perimeter, lack of frontcourt depth and lack of point guard play all you want, but the Toronto Raptors officially have things worse, and I say that as the biggest Amir Johnson fan this side of Matt Watson. I hope he’s a beast this season in Toronto. But I hoped he was a beast like three straight seasons in Detroit too.