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  • Bosh and his *ballhogging* 20-10

    16 53.33%
  • Bargs and his 3's and 6 boards

    14 46.67%
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Thread: Bargs or Bosh? Who'd You Rather?

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    Quote Apollo wrote: View Post
    I'm sorry but the poll is horrible. A good poll would not try to force someone else's opinion on the voters. What's the point of this poll? It's obviously not to come to a real, credible result. This is for sure.

    It's sort of like me asking what's better:

    A.) Apples (they taste like crap)
    B.) Oranges (delicious)

    And for the record, Bosh never hogged the ball. Jay called iso with him at times, just as most teams do with their top scorers. Bosh only took two more shots a game than Bargnani but the efficiency was far superior.
    The point of the poll was to see who folks would have rather seen carry forward with this team because the two of them together obviously didn't work. Yea, none of it matters but does any poll? Not really, just other peoples opinions... And for the record that *ballhogging* part was supposed to be sarcasm, but I guess I didn't display it clearly enough.(That wasn't sarcasm, I really should have...)

    Ugh... just watching double OT, Bargs has shot partly blocked by Brand - Amir falls to the floor with the ball and two Sixers and Andrea is just staring at them mouth wide open as usual! :-O... YES! Awesome hustle...
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