As im writing this im currently watching the Magic @ Heat game.The Magic are down by 14 going into the second quarter. One of the floor reporters get some quick comments from Stan Van and asks why the Magic are down and what they need to do to get back into the game, "We just need to try more. Were showing no effort, no intensity, and a lack of focus. Were getting our asses kicked." How I wish we had a Van Gundy style coach for the Raps so someone could light a fire under their collective asses. That most likely would have translated into something like this if that were Raptors and Magic and it were Triano's comments, "I thought the effort and intensity were there. We just need to start knocking down shots and being more consistent." .........Soft. I blame Colangelo for signing this douche after he got all gitty when we had a 7 meaningless game win streak at the end of last season. Now were probally stuck with him because I doubt they want to have another ex-coach on the payroll. Im sick of rookie head coaches, bring on Lawrence Frank who has proven experience. Hell sign Jeff Van Gundy, I know it looks like he never sleeps but tell me you wouldn't love seeing Jay Triano do this So if the Raps continue playing like this, will the management suck it up and pay him off??? Im not so sure.